How To: Save a point location for later use


After a location is found it can be saved as a shapefile or added to My ArcWeb Locations for later use.


Use Find Places and Addresses or Find Points of Interest to find the location(s) to save. On the results section, highlight and right-click the location(s), and select either: 'Save to Shapefile...' or 'Add to My ArcWeb Locations'. All locations to save can be highlighted at one time.

--'Save to Shapefile...' saves all the highlighted locations as one shapefile. Click Save. A dialog box asks if the shapefile is to be added to the map.

--'Add to My Locations' adds the locations to the list for future use. This list is accessible even if there is not a connection to the extension. To see or adjust the locations on the list, go to the ArcWeb Toolbar > ArcWeb Services > Manage My ArcWeb Locations.