How To: Print a large map as panels or tiles with ArcPress or ArcMap


Instructions provided describe how to print a large map as panels or tiles with ArcPress or ArcMap. Many times maps are created that are wider than can be printed on the printer(s) available.

These maps can still be printed in multiple strips or tiles.


The solutions vary slightly depending on the application used:

  • ArcMap
    This method works regardless of the printer engine selected: Windows, PostScript or ArcPress.
    1. Navigate to File > Page and Print Setup and verify that the printer and printer page size selected are correct for the map to be printed. Set the printer paper size to be slightly longer than the map page size. For example, the map is 60" x 84" but the large format printer only prints up to 42" wide. Select a printer page size that is 42" x 86".
    2. Verify both 'Scale maps element...' and 'Use printer paper settings' [or 'Use same as printer' for ArcGIS 8.x] are not checked.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Navigate to File > Print. Several options should now be available, one of which is 'Tile Map to Printer Paper.'
    5. Click 'Tile Map to Printer Paper.' By default, the 'All' tiles option is selected, but users can optionally select which tiles to print by clicking the 'Tiles' button and entering the tile pages to print.
      If unsure which tiles to print, click 'Tile Map to Printer Paper' and click Cancel on the Print dialog box. Click File / Print Preview to preview the map tiles.
    6. Click OK.
      [O-Image] Paneling or Tiling large maps with ArcMap 9.x

      [O-Image] ArcMap 9.x Print dialog: paneling
  • ArcPress for ArcInfo workstation and ArcView GIS
    While these are two different applications, the ArcPress options interface is identical.
    1. From the Print UI (ArcInfo) or from the ArcPress UI (ArcView), click the Print button.
    2. Select the printer to print to and the appropriate ArcPress device. Optionally, Print to file can be selected to save the map tiles to file.
    3. Click the Options button.
    4. Click the Auto Panel drop-down menu. By default, the choices are:
      • none: Tiles are not made.
      • default: Automatically tiles the map to the selected printer and it's default printer page.
      • .5" overlap: Adds a .5" overlap on the right hand side of the map tiles to make aligning easier.
      If print to file is selected, two additional options are available:
      • multiple files: Saves the map tiles into separate files for easier reprinting.
      • multi and .5": Adds a .5" overlap and writes to seperates files.
      Select one of these options and click OK.
    5. Click OK on the Print dialog box. Additionally, if Print file is selected, users are prompted for a name and target destination for the map tiles.
      [O-Image] [O] Paneling large maps with ArcPress for ArcInfo and ArcView GIS
  • ArcPress on the command line (for ArcInfo workstation and ArcView GIS)
    While these are two different applications, the command line options are the same.
    The command line options to set paneling are:
    -p{m}{o} Panel output into multiple pages.
    creates default panels, fit to the ArcPress printer driver selected.
    If added to the flag, it writes those panels into separate files.
    If added to the flag, it adds a .5" overlap to the right-hand side of all panels to make aligning easier.

    Here is an example of using this option:
    arcpress county.eps -ocounty.rtl -drtl_rgb -pmo

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