FAQ: What are the ArcIMS Tasker log files?


What are the ArcIMS Tasker log files?


ArcIMS Tasker removes temporary image files generated by the Image and ArcMap Image Services at a user-defined interval, storing its communication and process information in log files.

1. TaskerStatus.log
This file, located at <ArcIMS Installation Directory>\AppServer\Tasker on Windows and at <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Xenv on Linux/UNIX, lists the date and time the Tasker service is modified, and is generated automatically.

2. tasker.log
This optional log file, available on Linux/UNIX only, contains the communication ported between the Application Server and Tasker as well as the amount of time before file cleanup occurs. By default, it is located at <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/log. It is created by specifying a logfile location on the java command line or in the aimstasker file. Tasker.log is the default name assigned to this file in the Tasker component startup script. The name and location can be changed.

The content logged to the file is the same as the information contained in the ArcIMS Console window when initialized.
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