Error: Underlying DBMS error. ORA-00001 Unique Constraint Violated

Error Message

When attempting to load a feature class into ArcSDE using ArcCatalog, the following error appears:

"Underlying DBMS error. ORA-00001 Unique Constraint Violated"


Deleting an ArcSDE layer with the sdetable administrator command may leave orphaned entries in some ArcObjects-maintained metadata tables.

For example, a feature class of the same name previously loaded into ArcSDE using ArcCatalog, but deleted with the ArcSDE commands 'sdelayer -o delete' and 'sdetable -o delete' will produce this error.

Solution or Workaround

Clean up the orphaned entries in the metadata tables and reload the data.

  1. Use the shp2sde command to load a shapefile with the same name as the one previously deleted.

  2. Use ArcCatalog to delete this feature class.
  3. Use ArcCatalog to reload the data.