How To: Use scripts to load multiple images using sderaster


Instructions provided explain how to use scripts to load batches of images using the sderaster commandline tool. When multiple images are available, it is useful to be able to load them using a script so that the loading can go on unattended. Both ArcSDE and ArcGIS can be scripted.


On Windows, create a batch file and use code similar to that shown below to load the data. This code will document how long it takes to load the data and will load multiple groups of directories individually.

If "%1"=="" goto :EOF

set source=f:\data\maps\Imgscans\plans1000set layername=Plancatalog

for /R %source% %%I in (*.tif) do sderaster.exe -o insert -l %layername%,image -f "%%I" -c lz77 -C grayscale -n "%%~nI.tif" -L -1 -I bilinear -t 256,256 -G file=f:\data\maps\projection.prj -i 5151 -s server -D raster -u rasterowner -p rasterowner

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