Problem: Error in MDSystem.GetACP at 300


In the following two scenarios, this error message may appear:

"Error in MDSystem.GetACP at 300:
Wrong class for parameter 1 of request Make. Got a(n) Nil, expected a(n) DLL."

1. While in ArcView GIS, click the Model menu and click Start ModelBuilder.

2. While in ModelBuilder, click the Model menu and click Model Defaults.


DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) does not work with ArcView 3.2, 3.2a, and 3.3 on Windows XP. DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) is used to communicate between ArcView 3.x and ModelBuilder.

Solution or Workaround

The ArcView 3.x Windows XP Patch for ArcView 3.2, 3.2a, and 3.3 fixes this problem. Click on ESRI Patches and Service Packs in the link, below. Click on ArcView 3.x and find ArcView 3.x Windows XP Patch. Follow download instructions.

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