Problem: Slow performance with the ActiveX Connector in ArcIMS 4.0.1 when using ArcSDE data


This article may apply when unusually slow performance occurs in ArcIMS 4.0.1 in any of the following situations:

· Identifying a feature using the ActiveX Connector.

· Buffering with the ActiveX Connector.

· Sending an ArcXML GET_FEATURES request with the skipfeatures attribute set to true.

In all of above situations the data is being stored in ArcSDE and the map service usually contains an element that is being thematically rendered by a VALUEMAPRENDERER element.


In these situations ArcIMS asks ArcSDE to count the features. ArcSDE in these specific cases occassionally will count all the layer features instead of a subset being queried. Since the mechanism by which ArcSDE counts features is to place them into the sde_logfile_data table this explains the delay in responding.

Solution or Workaround

If the problem is caused by this counting problem this can be worked around by asking the ArcIMS Spatial Server to collect all relevant features and do the counting instead of ArcSDE.

  1. Open aimssdeio.cfg found in <ArcIMS install directory>\server\etc.
  2. Add the countmode attribute and set the value to be "client".


    description="sde data workspace"
    countmode="client" />

  3. Restart the ArcIMS Application Server, Monitor, and Tasker.