Problem: ArcSDE crashes when ArcIMS accesses a layer whose shape column named FID or Area


Querying an ArcSDE 8.x layer that has a shape column named FID or AREA will result in an error and no features will be returned. The gsrvr.exe process crashes when this occurs.

In ArcIMS, this occurs when a GET_FEATURES request is sent that accesses the problem layer. In addition to the ArcSDE symptoms an error will appear in the QueryServer log file, "SDE_stream_execute : Network I/O error".

When ArcIMS is using direct connect to access ArcSDE data the aimsserver.exe process crashes, not the gsrvr.exe process.


The ArcSDE 8.x server fails to recognize attribute requests for layers that include shape columns named FID or AREA. This problem affects all ArcSDE 8.x client applications.

Solution or Workaround

The shape columns named FID or AREA must be renamed to names as SHAPE or FEATURE. Confirm that new ArcSDE 8.x layers are not created with shape columns named FID or AREA.