How To: Use the IFieldEdit::AliasName property


When creating datasets it sometimes appears that the IFieldEdit::AliasName property is being ignored.

The AliasName is only supported by ObjectClasses and FeatureClasses. The AliasName property will not work on a Shapefile or Coverage. No error will be received, the property will just never be set.


Tables must be created as an ObjectClass rather than a simple table that is not registered with the GeoDatabase. This is done by specifying a CLSID as an "esriCore.Object" . This CLISD can be used as an argument with the CreateTable method. Following is an example of this process.

  1. Create a UID that will designate an ObjectClass.

    Dim pUID As New UID
    pUID.Value = "esriCore.Object"

  2. Use this UID with the IFeatureWorkSpace::CreateTable method for the CLSID argument.