FAQ: What are the ArcIMS Monitor log files?


What are the ArcIMS Monitor log files?


ArcIMS Monitor tracks the state of the ArcIMS Spatial Server. The following log files are associated with ArcIMS Monitor:

1. MonitorStatus.log is available on Windows and Linux/UNIX, and found at:

<ArcIMS Installation Directory>\Server\Monitor on Windows systems and
<ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Xenv on Linux/UNIX systems.

MonitorStatus.log lists the date and time the Monitor service is modified and is generated automatically.

2. monitor.log is available on Linux/UNIX only, and found at:

<ArcIMS Installation Directory>/log.

It lists registration ports, the date and time the Monitor service is modified, and the startup errors for the Monitor process. It is created by specifying a logfile location on the java command line or in the aimsmonitor file. 'monitor.log' is the default name assigned to this file in the Monitor component startup script, but its name and location can be changed.

3. Monitor_<PID>.log [version 4.0 and earlier] or MonitorDebug_<PID>.log [version 4.0.1]. When activated, this log file is found at:

<ArcIMS Installation Directory>\Server\Monitor\log on Windows systems and
<ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Monitor/log on Linux/UNIX systems.

It stores detailed registration information between the ArcIMS Application and Spatial Servers. It is activated through the Monitor.properties file.
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