Problem: Teletype GPS does not communicate with ArcPad running on an iPAQ


Teletype Compact Flash (CF) or PC card GPS receivers that have a power consumption rating of 100 mA can not communicate with ArcPad on an iPAQ Pocket PC when the GPS is activated.


Earlier Teletype Compact Flash and PC card units require 100 mA of power to operate. The more recent iPAQ models use 90 mA of power; therefore, these earlier GPS receivers do not operate on the latest iPAQs running the Windows Mobile operating system

Solution or Workaround

Users should confirm their specific unit’s power consumption rating. This can be accomplished by looking at the sticker on the backside of either the Compact Flash or PC card. If it is rated 90 mA or less then the device can work with the more recent iPaqs; if it does not meet this power requirement then the GPS receiver can not operate.

Confirm that the GPS settings are correct. There is a free FindGPS utility on ArcScripts, located by way of the Related Information section below, that detects the GPS protocol and other settings and updates these settings in ArcPad if necessary.

If this utility successfully detects the Teletype GPS and updates the settings, activate the GPS again and wait, up to several minutes, for a valid fix.

If the FindGPS utility fails to successfully detect the GPS receiver, follow the procedures in the Connecting the GPS receiver and Troubleshooting the GPS connection sections of Chapter 9 in the Using ArcPad book. As a final option, return the Teletype GPS receiver to the manufacturer for repair.

Related Information