How To: Configure Oracle Application Server 9.0.2 for Metadata Explorer


If you wish to use ArcIMS Metadata Explorer with Oracle Application Server 9.0.2, you must configure your Web server.


  1. Open the Oracle Enterprise Manager in your Web browser (http://mymachine.esri.com:1810).
  2. Click the OC4J_home link from the list of System Components.
  3. On the OC4J_home page click the Deploy War file link under the Applications section to open the Deploy Web Application page.
  4. For Web Application, click Browse and navigate to <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/Metadata/metadataexplorer.war.
  5. For Application Name type metadataexplorer.
  6. For Map to URL type /metadataexplorer.
  7. Click Deploy to deploy the metadataexplorer.war file. The Metadata Explorer is installed in the <Oracle Application Server Installation Directory>/j2ee/home/applications directory.
  8. Click OK when the Confirmation is displayed.
  9. Exit Oracle Enterprise Manager.

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