Problem: Nothing displays in the data frame and the extents for the data frame are 1.#QNAN ?? for all four sides


Nothing displays in the data frame, and the extents for the data frame are 1.#QNAN ?? for all four sides.


One or more of the features of one or more of the shapefiles has either corrupt or no geometry information.

Solution or Workaround

This solution deletes features from the selected shapefile. Make a backup of this shapefile before proceeding.
  1. Add each shapefile to its own separate data frame.
  2. Use the sample code from the following article, How To: Use ArcObjects to get the x and y coordinates of points, polygon centroids, or line midpoints, to add the X & Y coordinates to the table and determine which features are corrupt.
There should be a runtime error returned after using this new button. Just click End.
  1. Open the shapefile's table if it is not already open, and select the records which have X and Y coordinate values of 0.
  2. Select Start Editing from the Editor menu and set the target to the selected shapefile.
  3. Ensure that only records with X and Y values of 0 are selected, and press the delete key on the keyboard.
  4. Select the Stop Editing option under the Editor menu, and click Yes to save the changes.
  5. Delete the layer from the data frame and add it back.

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