Error: Internal Error 2755 when installing ArcIMS

Error Message

Error appears during the installation of ArcIMS:

"Internal Error 2755. 3,


There is a defect in the Microsoft Windows 2000 MSI installer that can occur when running installation files from a mapped drive.

Solution or Workaround

Here are two solutions that may work.

  1. Put your ArcIMS CD in the CD-ROM drive on the machine you are installing on.
  2. Alternatively you can try connecting to the network location where you are installing ArcIMS by using only the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) name. Do this by:

    a. Click on the Start button.
    b. Choose Run
    c. Type \\servername\sharename, substituting appropriately your server name and share name.
    d. Run the setup program from the window that comes up.