Problem: Error in APU.Run at 447


When running the ArcView Projection Utility with an Event Theme, the following error is given.

"Error in APU.Run at 447
Stop: A(n) Nil object does not recognize request GetExtension."


The ArcView Projection Utility can only processes shapefiles. It can not process virtual FThemes such as Event Themes.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Convert the Event Theme to a shapefile.

    a. Select Theme > Convert to Shapefile
    b. Select a location and name to save the data as a new shapefile.

  2. Run the ArcView Projection Utility.

    A. Start ArcView.
    B. Select File > Extensions.
    C. Check 'Projection Utility Wizard' and click OK.
    D. Create a new view and add the shapefile to be projected.
    E. Select File > ArcView Projection Utility.