How To: Register an Informix Database with the Spatial Datablade


To install ArcSDE for use with Informix, the Informix Spatial Datablade must be registered with the database.


For Windows and UNIX use the BladeManager command to register a database with the Spatial Datablade.

Windows also includes a GUI version of the tool. Find this application in Start > Programs > Informix.

  • To register a database with the Spatial Datablade using the BladeManager command line, follow this example syntax:

    blademgr register [module] [database]

    blademgr register spatial sde

  • Using the BladeManager GUI:

    1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the server name desired.
    2. Select the database to be spatially enabled. The Spatial Datablade will be listed under the 'Available' panel.
    3. Select the module and click the <<Add<< button.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Confirm that you wish to proceed.
    6. Click Exit.