Problem: Non-English shapefiles created in ArcView 3.x or ArcGIS display attributes with western encoding in ArcPad


If you create a shapefile in ArcView 3.x or ArcGIS on a system with a non-English locale such as Hebrew or Lithuanian, the attributes of the shapefile may display incorrectly in ArcPad. The attributes will be displayed using western encoding instead of the correct regional encoding.


The shapefile's DBF file contains a CPID (language identifier) of 0x57. In ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS, this means that the data is in the default ANSI code page for the system's current running language. However, ArcPad interprets this as code page 1252, which means Western ANSI.

Solution or Workaround

Using ArcPad Studio, you can change the CPID to reflect the correct language for the shapefile. ArcPad will then correctly display the shapefile attributes.

  1. Start ArcPad Studio.
  2. click Set DBF Codepage from the Tools menu.
  3. Navigate to the directory containing the shapefile and double-click the shapefile's DBF file.
  4. In the DBF Codepage dialog box, click the description that matches the correct language. If the correct language is not listed, select Default (CPID 00). This tells ArcPad to use the default codepage of the system.
  5. Click OK.