How To: Rename field names for Identify and Query results in an HTML Viewer


In an ArcIMS Designer-created HTML Viewer, by default, all field names are displayed as they are saved in the database. You may want to display more meaningful column headings than the often-cryptic field names used in data sources. For ArcSDE-served data in particular, you may want to display simpler field names than the default OWNER.TABLE.FIELD format.

For additional information, see the section titled 'Modifying attribute data display' within the installable document "Customizing ArcIMS - HTML Viewer".


These simple edits to a few lines in the ArcIMSparam.js file allow you to associate meaningful aliases to field names.

  1. After creating an HTML Viewer Web site, open the ArcIMSparam.js file in a text editor such as WordPad.
  2. Find the following line:
    var useFieldAlias=false;

    and set it to:
    var useFieldAlias=true;

  3. Then further down, add NAME:alias pairs for the desired layers and an empty string for fields that will remain unchanged. For example:

    fieldAliasList[0]="ZONECODE:Zoning|BLDGHT:Maximum Building Height"|POP1996:Population 1996";
    fieldAliasList[2]="AREA:Area (sq. metres)";

  4. Save ArcIMSparam.js.

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