How To: Export tables as tab delimited text


Below is a description of how to edit the registry to allow exporting tables to tab delimited text. The default setting of the registry is set to export tables as comma delimited text.


The changes described in this article will modify the tables to text export format of every application that uses Microsoft Jet 4.0 Engine defaults.

The instructions below include making changes to essential parts of your operating system. It is recommended that you backup your operating system and files, including the registry, before proceeding. Consult with a qualified computer systems professional, if necessary.

Esri cannot guarantee results from incorrect modifications while following these instructions; therefore, use caution and proceed at your own risk.

1. Go to Start > Run and type 'regedit' to open the Registry Editor.

2. Navigate to the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\JET\4.0\Engines\Text.

3. Right-click format and select Modify.

4. Set the Value data line to:

  5. Click OK.

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