Problem: Saving edits after cancelling, or undoing a reconcile operation cause network inconsistencies


The following operations are not supported in the geodatabase, but are not guarded against by the software. Performing any of these operations can lead to inconsistent features within a geometric network. For example, features with missing logical elements.

1. Undoing a reconcile, and then saving edits. This is not a supported operation. If a reconcile is undone, the edit session must be discarded.

2. Undoing the edit operation immediately preceding a cancelled reconcile. When a version is reconciled, if conflicts are detected, the user may cancel the reconcile, rather than enter the conflict resolution dialog. If the edit operation preceding the cancelled reconcile is undone, network inconsistencies may result.

3. Editing after a cancelled reconcile. If the user canceled a reconcile, continuing to edit may have caused network inconsistencies. This is a supported operation, but it can also be a cause of network inconsistencies.

Furthermore, editing network features previously edited in the current version, may result in several different error messages, each of which includes:

"Invalid network element id"

Attempts to reconcile the version with its parent version may result in the error:

"The version could not be reconciled.
Inconsistency with network elements. [ClassID = ###, FeatureID = ###]"

Solution or Workaround

Site administrators are encouraged to download and install the ArcGIS 8.2 Service Pack 1 to prevent inadvertent errors by users manually resolving conflicts, or manually reconciling and posting versions. Sites running ArcGIS 8.1.2, should contact technical support.

If the problem occurs in a version that is currently being edited, there are several possible solutions, based upon those conditions previously described.

If you have cancelled the reconcile and have not yet saved your edits, stop the current edit session without saving edits. This will discard the inconsistent connectivity.

If you saved edits after cancelling the reconcile, use the Verify Connectivity Tool to determine if features have inconsistent connectivity. If features with inconsistent connectivity are discovered, use the Rebuild Connectivity tool to rebuild their connectivity. If the Rebuild Connectivity tool does not resolve the problem, delete the version and redo the edits or contact ESRI Technical Support.

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