How To: Create a PostScript output from PC ARC/INFO


This document describes how to create PostScript output from PC ARC/INFO.


While there is not a direct command to create a PostScript file from PC ARC/INFO, PostScript output can be created by using the CGIPOST.SYS driver. The following steps outline this procedure:

  1. Run CON-CGI.
  2. Choose the CGIPOST.SYS driver from the printer menu. For Output channel, choose 'file'. Choose all other desired
  3. Use the DRAW command with the '2' option to send a PLOT file or a map composition to the file. The output will be sent to the file in PostScript format.

    By default, all output will be in black and white. To obtain a color PostScript file, a PPD file must be obtained for the output device. Usually these can be obtained from the printer or plotter vendor or from Adobe. See related information on how to use the PPD file.

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