How To: Simulate the Edgematch command using PC ARC/INFO Windows Extensions


This document demonstrates how to simulate what the Edgematch command does using PC ARC/INFO windows Extensions.


Edgematch works only in DOS mode.

The following WEDIT options for ARC SNAPPING should serve as a workaround for the Edgematch command.

  1. Select the edit coverage whose arc and node features are to be moved. Set ARC as the edit feature.
  2. Select a Snap Cover from the list of current edit coverages. This is the coverage whose features will be used for reference. It will become the current BACKCOVERAGE.

    See DAK manual page 25.

  3. Set your DRAW and BACK environments.
  4. Select the arc(s) to be modified.
  5. Select your snap option. Use the cursor to locate the new node location.

    See DAK manual page 30.

    The Edgematch utility works only in full screen DOS mode and therefore may be cumbersome to use. This snap to windows based utility may work out better on PC ARC/INFO running under Windows.