Problem: The "Prevent chart overlap" checkbox for chart symbology does not work for multiple layers


When working with the ArcMap layer symbology methods for charts (Pie charts, Bar/Column charts, or Stacked Charts), there is an option to "Prevent chart overlap". This prevents the charts from being placed on top of each other on the map.

When symbolizing several layers with charts, it is possible that some charts will overlap.


The "Do not overlap" checkbox for charts only works to resolve placement conflicts between charts within one layer. Charts from the current layer may overlap with charts in other layers.

Solution or Workaround

There are two suggested solutions, choose one of the following:

  • Right click on one of your layers and select Convert Features to Graphics. Then, use the Select Elements tool to move the charts, now graphics, so that they no longer overlap the charts in the other layer.
  • If two layers have the same geometry type, combine the features from both layers into a single feature class. Then, symbolize these features with charts. The "Prevent chart overlap" will prevent overlapping charts for all of the features because they are now in the same layer.

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