How To: Convert a 2D shapefile with elevation values to a DXF file


When converting a two-dimensional shapefile that contains elevation values to a DXF file, elevation values are displayed as zero.

Additional attribute information about lines and points is extracted from the shape field during the file conversion process. Because the feature is two-dimensional, z-values do not exist and the elevation values are not carried over.


  1. Use 3D Analyst to convert the 2D shapefile to a 3D shapefile:
    A. Turn on the 3D Analyst extension.
    B. Make the 2D theme active.
    C. Select Theme > Convert to 3D Shapefile.
    D. Name and save the new file.
  2. Use the Shape DXF Converter utility to convert the 3D shapefile to a 3D DXF file to preserve the elevation values.
    See: How To: Convert an ArcView shapefile to a DXF file