Error: load buffer error -2028

Error Message

When previewing a feature class in ArcCatalog that is stored in Oracle Spatial format, the following error will appear in $SDEHOME/sde.errlog,

"load_buffer error -2028"


There are not enough vertices to create a valid shape. For example, lines require at least two vertices, and polygons require at least four, with the first and the last being in the same place.

This is a data problem. Either there are not enough vertices in the feature, or ArcSDE is rejecting some parts of the feature as invalid, leaving insufficient vertices to complete the feature.

Solution or Workaround

Check the validity of your Oracle Spatial data using Oracle's VALIDATE_GEOMETRY tool.

Further, there is a specific bug in ArcSDE 8.2 patch 1 (and previous versions) that ignored portions of features that have a four-digit SDO_GTYPE and one-digit ETYPES. While this configuration is not recommended by Oracle, it is nevertheless valid. This data configuration can cause this error to appear. This will be addressed in ArcSDE 9.0.