Problem: PC Arc/Info will not run, even with environment variables set correctly


All of the environment variables are correctly set for PCAI, yet it will not run.


There is a conflict with the zip program you are using. PC Arc/Info is packaged with PKzip and PKunzip. This program is used to unzip files as needed in PCAI and zip them back again when finished. If there is another zip program installed on the computer, there may be a conflict in how it reads the zip files and in some cases may not be able to unzip them at all. FASTZIP, ZIPMAGIC and NETZIP are currently known to cause this problem.

- FASTZIP will cause the program to freeze up at times. When you should get a text and a graphics window, only the text window will appear.

- ZIPMAGIC will not be able to unzip the files and will not allow PCAI to run.

- NETZIP will return an error message similar to the same one received if the SET ARC=C:\ARCEXE is not set properly. You will get a series of UNARCHIVING
messages and then BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME. This is because NETZIP is not
unzipping the files properly either.

Solution or Workaround

To run PCAI properly, you will need to disable these other zip programs or delete them, and let PKzip run as the default zip program.