Problem: Links to the ArcObjects Developer Help from the ArcGIS Desktop Help do not work


In the ArcGIS Desktop Help system, links to the ArcObjects Developer Help sometimes do not work when clicked. When the links are clicked more than once, the ArcGIS application from which the Help was accessed often hangs.


This is caused by a bug that exists in Internet Explorer version 5.5 Service Pack 1. The bug causes improper shortcuts in HTML Help.

Solution or Workaround

You have two options to avoiding this issue.

  • Access the Help directly from disk
    Browse to <install_drive>:\arcgis\arcexe82\ArcObjects Developer Kit\Help and double-click 'AODev.chm' to launch the ArcObjects Developer Help system.

    To make this file more easily accessible you may want to create a shortcut on your desktop.

  • Upgrade Internet Explorer
    1. Visit the Internet Explorer Downloads linked below.
    2. Locate the version of Internet Explorer you wish to upgrade to (IE 5.5 SP2 or higher).
    3. Navigate through the options until you can download the desired browser.
    4. Follow the instructions to download and install the upgrade.

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