How To: Use the SCALE tag in a GET_LAYOUT request


The SCALE tag of a GET_LAYOUT request defines a relative scale and center point for a specific data frame within the layout. The tag consists of three attributes: rf, x and y. The scale is defined by rf and the center point is defined by x and y coordinates in map units of the data frame.


Refer to the following code as an example. It specifies a scale of 1:100,000 centered on 12.55 degrees longitude and 49.91 degrees latitude, assuming the coordinate system of the data frame is in geographic, and the map units are in decimal degrees.

<DATAFRAME id= "DataFrameName">
 <SCALE rf= "100000" x= "12.55" y= "49.91" />
For more information please refer to the ArcXML Guide topic "Using GET_LAYOUT and LAYOUT with ArcMap Image Services".

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