How To: Use the ArcMap Server GET_LAYOUT request


You can serve ArcMap Layouts on the internet with ArcIMS (version 4.0 or higher) by using the GET_LAYOUT request. The GET_LAYOUT request is only available through custom clients.

For a more detailed discussion of GET_LAYOUT please refer to the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide topic "Using GET_LAYOUT and LAYOUT with ArcMap Image Services".


The following is an example of a GET_LAYOUT request.

<ARCXML version="1.1">

    <ENVELOPE minx= "0" miny= "0" maxx= "8.5" maxy= "11" />
    <IMAGESIZE dpi= "100" width="850" height="1100"/>
    <OUTPUT type="pdf" />
    <FEATURECOORDSYS id="54030" />
    <FILTERCOORDSYS id="4326" />

   <DATAFRAME id="DataFrameName">
    <SCALE rf= "100000" x="12.55" y= "41.95" />
    <LAYERLIST order="true" >
     <LAYERDEF id="0" visible="true" />
     <LAYERDEF id="1" visible="false" />
     <LAYERDEF id="2" visible="false" />

   <DATAFRAME id="DataFrameName2">
    <FEATURECOORDSYS id="4326" />
    <FILTERCOORDSYS id="102003" />
    <ENVELOPE minx= "-8260377" miny= "-3192427" maxx= "3697151" maxy= "5775719" />
    <LAYERLIST order="true" >
     <LAYERDEF id="0" visible="false" />
     <LAYERDEF id="1" visible="true" />
     <LAYERDEF id="2" visible="true" />

The GET_LAYOUT request consists of two child elements: PROPERTIES and DATAFRAME. PROPERTIES defines the layout as a whole, while DATAFRAME deals with an individual data frame.

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