Error: An unexpected error occurred while trying to export the map

Error Message

Exporting a map to TIFF or JPEG results in the following error:

"An unexpected error occurred while trying to export the map."


The computer has a lack of available resources for the export process.

Solution or Workaround

Below is a list of possible solutions to this problem. It is possible that one or more of the following solutions may need to be used.

  • Virtual Memory
    Ensure that the computer has at least 4GB of virtual memory on one drive.
    For help with changing virtual memory settings, see: How To: Change the operating system's virtual memory settings.
  • Temp Variables
    Set the User Environment Variables for TEMP and TMP are set as below:
    Variable: TEMP		Value: <drive>:\TEMP
    Variable: TMP		Value: <drive>:\TEMP
    Set the variables in short paths with no spaces. For example, C:\TEMP or D:\TEMP.
    For help with setting a system environment variable, see: How To: Edit an environment variable.
    Make sure the TEMP folder exists on the drive selected to set the variable to and that there is 4GB of available space on that drive.
  • Output Image Quality
    For ArcGIS 9.x and above, in ArcMap, select File > Print, and ensure that the Output Image Quality is set no higher than normal.
    For ArcGIS 8.x, in ArcMap, select File > Page Setup, and ensure that the Output Image Quality is set no higher than Normal.
    For particularly large maps with a lot of raster data, the Output Image Quality may need to be set to Fast.
    See the link in the Related Information section below for more information about Output Image Quality.
  • TIFF Resolution
    Though the TIFF export format supports higher resolutions, setting large dpi values causes the TIFF export file to grow exponentially.
  • JPEG Resolution - Only applies to ArcGIS 8.x
    In the export options for JPEG, do not set the resolution higher than 150 dpi, as the JPEG export format does not support anything higher.
  • Spaces In Names
    If the directory in which the file is saved or the file name itself has spaces, rename the file or move it to a location with no spaces in the path.

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