Problem: The output of the CHECKBOX control is not written to the specified field


If you define your fields in ArcGIS there is no Boolean field type. The field should be defined as Short Integer with Precision of 0. Selecting a checkbox in ArcPad Studio though will not permit the field to be written unless it is a Boolean.


Boolean fields must be used for CHECKBOXES to perform correctly. ArcGIS does not directly support the Boolean field type. The short integer type is used instead.

Solution or Workaround

  • Create the Boolean field in ArcView 3.x. This will allow for the field to be written properly. When viewed in ArcGIS the value of 0 is False and the value of 1 is True.
  • The other option is to create a short integer field in ArcGIS with a precision of 0. Then in the ArcPad form, use a COMBOBOX control with two list items, e.g.:

    <COMBOBOX name="cboWorking" x="66" y="13" width="45" height="12"
    sip="false" hscroll="false" vscroll="false" limittolist="true" sort="true"
    <LISTITEM value="0" text="False"/>
    <LISTITEM value="1" text="True"/>

    We are working on making Short Integer fields of precision 0 to be supported by the checkbox in ArcPad. At this time the only solutions are above.