How To: Determine what type of object is stored in SDE_AUX_


The SDE_AUX_<raster_column_ID> raster auxiliary table stores the raster colormap, statistics and optional bit mask for an ArcSDE Raster. These objects are used in the analysis and rendering of the raster to which they belong. This table is created when the associated raster requires it (like loading a raster with a colormap) or when a command explicitly sets a value (when statistics are updated).

Instructions provided describe how to determine the objects stored in this table.


Since the SQL query tools vary between different RDBMS only the basic SQL statement is given.

  1. Run the following SQL statement through any SQL interface.
    select TYPE from SDE_AUX_<raster_column_ID>

  2. The values returned for the TYPE column correspond to:
    1 = bit mask
    2 = statistics
    3 = colormap