Problem: Orphaned ArcMap.exe and ArcCatalog.exe processes remain after exiting the application


After closing ArcMap or ArcCatalog, the operating system task manager lists ArcMap.exe or ArcCatalog.exe as still running.


Scenarios that cause this to occur:

1. A file with a .txt extension is located in one of the directories of the full path to the data set being accessed.

Example: If a shapefile is opened which is located at C:\gisdata\user\streams.shp, this problem will occur if a file with a .txt extension resides on the C:\ drive or in either the GISDATA or the USER directories.

2. When browsing for data, a directory containing a file with a .txt extension is accessed.

Example: In ArcMap, this will occur when clicking the Add Data button and navigating through any directory that contains a file with a .txt extension. In ArcCatalog, this will occur when navigating the directory tree and displaying the contents of a folder that contain a file with a .txt extension.

Both situations only occur on machines running Windows NT 4.0 which have Microsoft Jet 4.0 sp5 or higher. This problem does not occur on Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Solution or Workaround

Move files with a .txt extension to another location that is not in the full path to any data which will be accessed.