Problem: Browser is unresponsive after entering password for Java Viewer site


If user authentication for acess to ArcIMS services works with other ArcIMS clients (ArcExplorer, HTML Viewer, etc) but not the Java Custom Viewer, a bug with the Java Plug-in may be to blame.

In encountering this bug, the user is initially prompted for a user name and password and then, shortly after the input, the browser stops responding to requests and the screen will not update.


The 1.3.1_02 Java Plug-in does not work with Web site authentication for ArcIMS 3.1.

Solution or Workaround

There are two popular methods to avoid this bug.

  1. Recommend that users accessing your Java Custom Viewer site use a different version of the Java Plug-in. 1.3.0_02 is known to work with Java Viewer authentication-enabled sites and is the most recent fully supported version for ArcIMS 3.1.
  2. Recommend that your users access the site through ArcExplorer-Java. The Java Plug-in bug does not affect ArcExplorer-Java edition.