How To: Digitize across the International Date Line in ArcMap


The instructions provided demonstrate how to digitize data that crosses the International Date Line.


  1. Create a new personal geodatabase.

    A. Start ArcCatalog.
    B. Navigate to the folder to store the new Geodatabase.
    C. Right-click the folder and select New > Geodatabase (GDB).
    D. Right-click the new GDB and select Rename. Give it a name.

  2. Create a new line feature class in the geodatabase.

    A. Right-click the geodatabase and select New Feature Class.
    B. Name the feature class and click Next twice.
    C. Click the SHAPE field and change Geometry Type to Line.

  3. Select Geographic for the coordinate system.

    A. Click the ellipses [...] to display the Spatial Reference Properties dialog box. {#i22928*}
    B. From Coordinate System tab click Select.
    C. Navigate to Coordinate Systems > Geographic Coordinate Systems > World directory and select WGS 1984.prj.

  4. Enter X/Y domain values.

    A. Select the X,Y Domain tab, and enter values:
    Xmin 0, Xmax 360
    Ymin -90, Ymax 90
    B. Click OK on the Spatial Reference Propeties menu then click Finish on the New Feature Class menu.

  5. Add the empty line feature class to ArcMap, start editing, and digitize a line acroos the International Date Line.
    For example, use the Absolute X,Y option for the sketch (179,1 and 181,1).
  6. Save edits and stop editing.