Error: ArcSDE raster import: XXX is not a valid raster dataset

Error Message

"XXX is not a valid raster dataset"


ArcCatalog was used to try to Import an ArcSDE Raster dataset from one ArcSDE connection to another ArcSDE connection.

Solution or Workaround

ArcCatalog 8.x does not support Import of Raster data from one connection to another. However, ArcCatalog does support ArcSDE Raster Export from one connection to another.

  1. Create a connection to ArcSDE and right click the ArcSDE Raster to be exported.
  2. Select Export -> Raster to Different Format ...
  3. Select "SDE Raster" from the "Save as Type" drop down dialog.
  4. Double-click the ArcSDE connection to where the Raster will be saved.
  5. Rename the Raster.
  6. Once the Raster has been loaded, be sure to ANALYZE the Raster using ArcCatalog or RDBMS tools.