How To: Set environment variable on Macintosh for ArcView


The Macintosh operating system does not use environment variables. However, the user can create environment variables that ArcView recognizes for every session.


  1. Open SimpleText.
  2. Add the following line.
    system.setenvvar("HOME","Macintosh HD:Home:")
    'HOME' is the name of the environment variable you wish to set. 'Macintosh HD:Home:' is the path you would like to direct the environment variable to. In this example, Macintosh HD is the name of the hard drive. The name of the hard drive on your computer might be different, for example MyMacG4. In this case the path would be 'MyMacG4:Home:'
  3. Save the file in the 'Macintosh HD:System Folder:Preferences:' directory. Name the file 'startup'.