Problem: Problems with a coverage that has 100+ route feature classes


When using the GENERATE command (with the ROUTES subcommand) to add routes to a coverage, an error will be generated after more than 100 routes have been added to the coverage. The coverage will not be generated and you will be returned to the ARC prompt.

When using the EXPORT command, if the input coverage contains more than 100 routes, the command will not execute successfully and you will be returned to the ARC prompt.


The GENERATE and EXPORT commands have problems working with coverages that contain 100 or more ROUTE feature classes. This is a known limit.

Solution or Workaround

  • When using GENERATE with the ROUTES subcommand, avoid adding more than 100 routes.
  • When using EXPORT with a coverage which has more than 100 route feature classes, SPLIT the coverage into multiple coverages with less than 100 route feature classes each.