How To: Permanently disable the 'Welcome to ArcView GIS' dialog box for ArcView


The 'Welcome to ArcView GIS' dialog box for ArcView has a checkbox which allows the user to disable the appearance of the dialog box upon opening the application. Unchecking the 'Show this window when ArcView GIS starts' option writes a file called AVSTART.TXT to ArcView's home ($HOME) directory.

If this directory is emptied regularly, which deletes the AVSTART.TXT file, the 'Welcome to ArcView GIS' dialog box will appear once again. This document provides instructions for permanently disabling the dialog.


  1. Open ArcView with an empty New Project.
  2. Click File > Extensions.
  3. Uncheck all extensions and click OK.
  4. Open a New Script Window.
  5. Click Script > Load System Script.
  6. Select the Appl.Initialize script and click OK.
  7. Click Script > Properties.
  8. Rename Script1 to Appl.Initialize in the Name input box and click OK.
  9. Delete the following lines from the script.

    startfile = "$HOME/avstart.txt".AsFileName
    if (File.Exists(startfile).Not) then
    startupExt = Extension.Open("$AVHOME/tools/avstart.___".AsFileName)
    if (startupExt <> nil) then

  10. Compile the script by clicking on the check mark button.
  11. Close the script window.
  12. Keep ArcView open and start Windows Explorer.
  13. Create a folder on the C: drive called AVTEMP.
  14. Minimize Windows Explorer, and open a new script window in ArcView and rename it Z_DEFAULT. (See steps 7 and 8)
  15. Paste the following line into the script window that was renamed Z_DEFAULT.


  16. Compile and run the script.
  17. Click File > Exit to close ArcView.
    (If ArcView prompts you to save changes to 'Untitled', click NO.)
  18. Maximize Windows Explorer.
  19. Navigate to the Esri\AV_Gis30\Arcview\Etc directory.
  21. Navigate to the C:\AVTEMP directory and select the DEFAULT.APR file.
  22. Cut this file and paste it into the ETC directory.
  23. Restart ArcView.

    The 'Welcome to ArcView GIS' dialog will not appear upon opening ArcView.