How To: Disable automatic packing of shapefiles


The need to 'pack' shapefiles manually is unnecessary in ArcPad 6.0. It is handled automatically for each shapefile layer in your map containing deleted features when you make the layer uneditable, close the layer, or exit ArcPad. This process can take several minutes on large shapefiles, so there is a Cancel button to cancel the process if it is taking too long.

If you don't want the automatic packing to be on, you can disable it with an ArcPad XML element.


  • To disable packing for all layers, add the following below the root element in ArcPadPrefs.apx:

    <LAYERS autopack="false" />

  • To disable packing for a specific layer, add autopack="false" to the LAYER element in the layer's .apl file. For example:

    <LAYER name="shape.shp" autopack="false">