How To: Uninstall ArcView on a Macintosh


This document provides steps for uninstalling ArcView on a MacIntosh operating system.


  1. Insert the ArcView installation CD and let AutoSetup run.

    If ArcView was originally installed over a network, connect to the network location and double-click 'Setup.exe.'

  2. Select 'Custom' in the standard install dialog box.
  3. Select each item in the custom install dialog box that you want to uninstall and select 'Uninstall.'
  4. Set the folder name and location in the uninstall dialog box, then select
  5. When the installation finishes, select 'Quit' to quit the Installer or 'Continue'
    to reinstall ArcView.
  6. Delete any remaining ArcView files.
  7. Reboot the machine.