How To: Use ArcSDE to store single-part point data in SDO_GEOMETRY.SDO_POINT


Oracle Spatial implements geometry storage in a data type called SDO_GEOMETRY. Usually, the ordinates of all vertices are stored in a member VARRAY called SDO_ORDINATES, with information about how to interpret these ordinates stored in another member VARRAY called SDO_ELEM_INFO. However, two-dimensional and three-dimensional points can be stored in another member data type called SDO_POINT, which holds a single X, Y, and, if needed, Z ordinate.

The only types of entities supported by Oracle to be stored in SDO_POINT are single-part points with X/Y or X/Y/Z. Measures (LRS) cannot be stored there, even as the third dimension replacing Z. Multipart points cannot be stored there either.


ArcSDE will store single-part points in SDO_GEOMETRY.SDO_POINT when the entity mask contains "p" for points, and does not contain "s" or "l" for lines, "a" for polygons, "+" for multipart or "M" for measures. When creating a new point feature class using ArcGIS, if you want to store the points in SDO_POINT, turn off support for measures and multipoints for that feature class.