How To: Clip a grid based on a display extent


The following steps show how to clip a grid using the display extent in a view. The Spatial Analyst extension is required.


  1. Zoom into the area of interest on the grid.
  2. Go to the Analysis menu and select Properties.
  3. In the Analysis Extent dropdown list, select 'Same as Display'. Note the change of the specified extents in the dialog.
  4. Click OK to exit the Analysis Properties dialog.
  5. Return to the Analysis menu, and select Map Calculator.
  6. Double click on the grid from the list of layers. It will appear in the expression box.
  7. Click the Evaluate button.
  8. Analyze the output in the view. If the results are acceptable, make the new grid the active theme.
  9. Go to the Theme menu.
  10. Select "Save Data Set" and specify a file name in the dialog to make the grid permanent.