Problem: After restarting ArcIMS using Direct Connect for Oracle, services do not run correctly


ArcIMS services encounters problems upon restarting ArcIMS if any of the services use Direct Connect for Oracle. Various errors are reported in the appserverstatus.log file.


Parameters for ArcIMS servers and services are saved in the ArcIMSSite.sez file. They are not saved correctly if any of the services utilized Direct Connect for Oracle. If a restart of ArcIMS is required, the Application Server is unable to initialize the ArcIMS servers and services due to the error in the ArcIMSSite.sez file.

Solution or Workaround

Before restarting ArcIMS after a shutdown, follow the procedure below:

  1. <ArcIMS Installation Directory>/AppServer folder, navigate to the ArcIMSSite.sez file and delete it.
  2. Restart the ArcIMS Application Server, Monitor, and Tasker services.
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  3. Reconfigure the site servers and services manually using Administrator, Manager, or Service Administrator, or use a batch file or script.
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