How To: Change the sequence of Librarian layers in the Add Theme dialog box


ArcInfo must be used to resequence the order Librarian layers appear in the ArcView Add Theme dialog box. The order that the layers are added to the library determines the sequence of the Librarian layers in the dialog box in ArcView.


Modify this sequence within ARC/INFO Librarian using a combination of the DROPLAYER and ADDLAYER commands.

Usage: DROPLAYER <layer> {DELETE}

Usage: ADDLAYER <layer> <cover> <format_cover>

  1. Drop all the layers via the DROPLAYER command. Do not use the delete option of the command. The DROPLAYER command without the delete option removes the reference to the layer, but does not actually delete the layer.

    As a precaution, have a current backup
    copy of the library.

  2. Add the layers in the desired sequence using the ADDLAYER command. Use the same <layer> name and <cover> name as before. The <format_cover> can be any map section in the tiles.