Error: SQL1109N The specified DLL "sdesrvsp" could not be loaded

Error Message

The following error may occur when creating the ArcSDE repository for DB2:

"SDE_Database Error: -1
ODBC Error: HY000
Database Error: -1109
Error Message: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL1109N The specified DLL "sdesrvsp"
could not be loaded.

SDE_Database Error: -1

ODBC Error:
Database Error: 0
Error Message:
ERROR in loading dbtune table.
Error: -51
DBMS error code: 0
SDE schema object install not completed."


This error is caused when the sdesrvsp.dll file fails to get copied from the %SDEHOME%\bin directory to the %DB2PATH%\SQLLIB\function directory during the installation of ArcSDE for DB2.

Solution or Workaround

To resolve this problem the ArcSDE database in DB2 needs to be cleaned. Use the Control Center to perform steps 2-5 before re-creating the ArcSDE repository manually. If you run the postinstallation again after copying the .dll file, the error will still occur.

  1. Copy the sdesrvsp.dll file from %SDEHOME%\bin to %DB2PATH%\SQLLIB\function.
  2. Drop all tables owned by the SDE user schema.
  3. Drop all triggers owned by the SDE user schema.
  4. Drop all indexes owned by the SDE user schema if any exist.

    Dropping the tables should remove all associated indexes automatically.

  5. Drop all stored procedures owned by the SDE user schema.
  6. Drop the SDESRVSP package.

    This cannot be accomplished using the Control Center.

    From the DB2 command prompt connect to the ArcSDE database as the SDE user and execute the following command:

    drop package sdesrvsp