Error: Symbol "OCIEnvCreate unresolved" error when using ArcSDE on TRU64

Error Message

The following error message will most likely be displayed when trying to run the sdesetupora8i command at the UNIX prompt on TRU64 if the appropriate file settings have not been set in Oracle that enable all symbols to be exported:

"resolve_symbols: loader error: dlopen:
/usr/local/sde/sdeexe812/sdeexe81/bin/sdesetupora8i: symbol "OCIEnvCreate" unresolved"


Digital UNIX requires a list of all symbols that are to be exported from the shared library (libclntsh.so).

Solution or Workaround

  1. In the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory, open shrept.list in a text editor and add the line:

    rdbms : OCIEnvCreate

    immediately after the line:

    rdbms : OCIEnvInit

    Save the file.
  2. Rebuild the client shared library:

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin

    Type the following command: genclntsh

    You should then be able to build your OCI application using:

    make -f demo_rdbms.mk build EXE=progname OBJS="obj1.o obj2.o etc."