Problem: IMAGEGRID or CONVERTIMAGE fails or hangs when converting a TIFF image


IMAGEGRID or CONVERTIMAGE hangs when converting a TIFF image.


Check to see if the TIFF has a Strip ByteCounts tag. If it does not, then the image is considered malformed and therefore is not supported.

The TIFF specification states that this tag is required.

TIFF Revision 5.0
Aldus/Microsoft Technical Memorandum

"... we will require StripByteCounts in TIFF X files."

Solution or Workaround

There are three potential workarounds to this problem.

1) Obtain a version of the image in a compliant format.

2) Convert the image to a new TIFF using ArcCatalog. ArcCatalog uses different libraries that can infer a value for Strip ByteCounts under certain conditions, particularly if the TIFF is uncompressed.

3) Use a third party image application to open and save the file. Depending upon the applications used, this may generate a specification-compliant output. Adobe Photoshop and Wang Imaging (Start/Programs/Accessories/Imaging) are examples.