Problem: Creating ArcSDE logfiles with selection sets greater than 32,000 objects


When attempting to create an ArcSDE logfile with more then 32,000 objects/features the gsrvr process will fatal and return a (-10 Network I/O error).

The problem is limited to heterogeneous platforms that use the XDR protocol, such as Microsoft NT to Solaris UNIX.


ArcSDE has a limit of 32,000 objects/features that it will support when using the SE_log_add_id_list, SE_log_get_id_list and SE_log_delete_id_list functions.

An example of where one might encounter this limitation is using ArcMap's Utility Network Analyst command Find Connected, from the Trace Task dropdown list, where the results are written to a selection set. If the results of the trace command requires creating a selection set of more then 32,000 features the process will return an error.

Solution or Workaround

Download ArcSDE 8.1.2 Service Pack 1 through the link ESRI Patches and Service Packs in Related Information, below. Click on ArcSDE and under Version 8.1.2, select ArcSDE 8.1.2 Service Pack 1. Follow download instructions.

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