Error: Failed to create feature class. Operation failed [ORA-00902: invalid column name][]

Error Message

When creating a feature class in Oracle Spatial to store geometry, and using a DBTUNE keyword that includes the parameter GEOMETRY_STORAGE SDO_GEOMETRY, the following error will can occur:

"Failed to create feature class. Operation failed [ORA-00902:invalid column name][]"


When SDO_GEOMETRY is specified for GEOMETRY_STORAGE in SDE.DBTUNE, ArcSDE uses MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY to support the datatype. The error will occur if Oracle Spatial is not installed on the ArcSDE for Oracle server. It also occurs if Oracle 9i Locator is not installed on the Oracle server.

Confirm the support of MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY datatype by creating a table that uses it with SQL. Use the following as an example:


If this command fails with "ORA-00902: invalid datatype", then Oracle Spatial is not installed.

Solution or Workaround

Two options are available:

  • Do not use SDO_GEOMETRY.
  • Install Oracle Spatial or Oracle 9i Locator on the ArcSDE server. Oracle Locator is a feature of Oracle9i Standard and Enterprise Editions. Oracle Spatial is an option to Oracle8i and 9i Enterprise Edition. To purchase Oracle Spatial you must contact your Oracle sales representative.